Polly Horwich

Following a career in architecture, Polly Horwich continues to explore concept and design at a different scale, through her practice in contemporary jewellery. Working primarily in silver and steel, she uses non-precious, everyday materials freely in her interpretations.

Horwich is inspired by our human experience. Ongoing themes include memory, emotional response and our sense of preciousness. She also has a strong affinity for grids, which bring order and security in place of chaos and uncertainty.

Her work is bold and colourful, demanding an instant response, whilst at the same time, seeking to reward those who choose to explore the underlying concept. Her signature is also the use of clear line in her design, albeit in a 3D format, but in a way lifting what would normally be flat 2D illustrations on a flat page into a structural and even wearable form.

"Frames of Reference" (2007)

This work explores the notions of preciousness and personal memories. Distinct steel structures provide the ‘Frames of Reference’ that represent both the strength and fragility of memory. Just as interpretation varies with each recall, so sliding joints allow the form to change, whilst the content remains constant.
Indistinct silver figures evoke particular moments of personal significance. Their distorted forms appear, god-like, hovering on beams of light and shadow, barely touching the ground but exerting influence from the remembered past. Each structure incorporates a removable part that can be worn as jewellery, representing both the larger piece and the underlying memory.

"Jumping Out of Your Skin" (2008)

Inspired by the human condition and the process of being alive, this series of six copper brooches celebrates the ability of the human spirit to deal with life’s challenges. The figures are motivated, joyous or calm, and always hopeful. 

"Don't Let Go" (2009)

Bold and colourful, this original contemporary jewellery uses a language of everyday spills and marks to explore the preciousness of memory and the traces we leave. The sculptural brooches and hand-pieces are created from cages of steel or silver, containing three-dimensional ‘marks’ in mixed media, including plastic, acrylic and paper.


Using materials from the everyday, this uncommon jewellery celebrates common emotions. Challenging standard expectations of sentimental jewellery, the bold, playful pieces explore the preciousness of memory.

"Space Nets" (2010-2011)

A series of silver grids with individual handmade chains or brooch pins, and a series of steel rings exploring the possibilities of grid distortion.

"Open Heart Surgery" (2011)

Combining brushed silver and steel guitar strings with the softest crimson leather, this light-hearted collection of jewellery explores the sensuous and romantic notion of the heartstring. 

"Containers" (2012)

An exuberant exploration of scale. 
Rings and cuffs to contain space and maybe more?

"60 Rings - 2012"

Drawing on two major themes from 2012, the Diamond Jubilee and London Olympics, this work is a collection of crown jewels and Olympic rings like no others.......to make you smile.


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